You can
  1. watch performances here. (talk with our ticket-service),
  2. get a guide tour through the house by our schedule  or you book it privately for a group in the theatre-office,
  3. visit puppet- and music - workshops  or you book them for a group in the theatre-office
  4. create your personal Feast  (service, Frau Linke)
  5. drink Café and enjoy the atmosphere of the house , 
  6. try puppet-theatre yourself,
  7. visit theatre-feasts or you can take part,
  8. experience international puppet-theatre during our Festival,
  9. invite theatre. Talk with our office
  10. become a member of the inner circle of the house.
The "Theater der Nacht" is member of: Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft soziokulturelle Zentren
Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft freie Theater
Verband deutscher Puppentheater
(VdP -
UNIMA (Union Internationale de la Marionette)
The "Theater der Nacht" is a mystical place for puppet theatre. It was founded by the puppet players Heiko and Ruth Brockhausen.

The build of the theatre was enabled by the sponsorship of the city of Northeim, the Kreis-Sparkasse Northeim, the syndicate of state, sociocultural centres, the Klosterkammer Hannover, the state Lower Saxony, as well as the Werk-statt-Schule e.V., which assisted in connexion with a learning-and-working programme.
The main structure of the theatre is that of an old fire station which was built from 1936 to 1938. The master mason Hans-Jochen Boehnisch skilfully and actively conducted the alteration, which took two and a half years.
The theatre was opened to the public on a bright and sunny day, the eleventh of August 2001. The grand opening was celebrated with a huge mask procession and a theatrical market.
Meanwhile, the theatre‘s staff consists of two people in the administration, two more behind the sales counter, who are aided by numerous volunteers, 4 further assistants for cleaning, craft and decoration, two to four puppeteers (depending on the productions), as well as two interns.
Everything that is currently being played can be viewed here under the category "Spielplan". In case this option should be out of order, one can alternately send us a request via an e-mail.